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The Lord Last Supper 3D hanging wall plaque combines Olive Wood and Ceramic.

The Last Supper centerpiece is ceramic, which is the only ceramic part. Surrounded with 14 small colored icons represent the 14 stations of the cross. In addition, there are two wooden stars topped with gold-plated containers. The one on the left holds incense, and the one on the right has small stones. Both are from the Holy Land.

"God Bless Our Home," and "Jerusalem" are both laser-cut scripts glued to the background of the olive wood. Why Jerusalem? Because that is where the last supper took place.
The Glasses are filled with:
1) Holy Land Olive Rocks (Left Glass)
2) Holy Land Incense (Right Glass)

Product Dimensions: 14.5Inch Wide x 11 Long

14 Stations & Last Supper Wall Décor Handmade authentic olive wood plaque

SKU: wall 5
    • Handmade

    • Ships from Michigan! Shorter shipping distances are kinder to the planet


    • Materials: olive wood, ceramic

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