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Introducing our 6" Holy Spirit Cross, meticulously hand-carved from authentic olive wood sourced from the Holy Land. Adorned with a delicately crafted dove symbolizing the Holy Spirit, this wooden wall cross carries profound spiritual significance.

Perfect for Mother's Day or Confirmation gifts, our cross is a timeless expression of faith and love. Handmade with care and shipped from Michigan, it embodies our commitment to craftsmanship and environmental sustainability.

6" Holy Spirit Cross, Olive Wood Cross, Wooden Wall Cross with Dove Hand Carved

  • Explore the artistry of our Handmade Olive Wood Cross, meticulously crafted in the Holy Land. Each piece carries a profound spiritual legacy and is sourced from the region's sacred olive trees. Shipped from Michigan, our commitment to eco-conscious practices means shorter shipping distances, minimizing environmental impact while celebrating craftsmanship and heritage.

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