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  • This stunning Cross is made out of premium olive wood and covered with Mother of Pearl. Made by Christian artisans in Bethlehem the Holy Land.
  • It is made for hanging to bring beauty and a Holy atmosphere into your home.
  • It makes a unique gift for any special occasion such as weddings, anniversaries, Birthdays, Easter, Christmas, and many more!
  • The four glasses on each end are filled with: - Olive Leaves from Bethlehem - Incense from Bethlehem - Flowers from Jerusalem - Stones from Jerusalem
  • Each cross is unique and one of a kind due to the natural variations found in the mother of pearl.
  • Cross Dimensions: 8 X 5 Inches

Olive Wood Cross Wall Crucifix Covered with Mother of Pearl with 4 Holy Relics

    • Handmade

    • Ships from Michigan! Shorter shipping distances are kinder to the planet

      Ordering items closer to you is more likely to reduce your purchase's carbon footprint.

    • Materials: olive wood

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