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Exquisite hand-carved olive wood rectangle box from Bethlehem, the Holy Land. Each box is a unique piece, showcasing the natural beauty and quality of olive wood.

Perfect for storing jewelry, rosaries, and other cherished items. Its dimensions (7" W x 5.5" L x 2" H) accommodate standard-size rosaries.

A thoughtful gift for special occasions like confirmations, first communions, baptisms, weddings, or Christmas.

Crafted with care, these boxes not only protect but also beautifully display your rosary, making them both practical and decorative.

Please note: Each box varies slightly in color and wood grain due to the natural characteristics of olive wood.

Praying wooden angel figurine from the Holy Land, perfect for any occasion.

  • :7" Wide, X 5.5" Long X 2" High

    Ships from Michigan! Shorter shipping distances are kinder to the planet

    Materials: olive wood 100% authentic from the Atlantic region"

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