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This Wall hanging hand carved olive wood cross from Bethlehem is a perfect addition to your Christian home. It is hand carved in the Holy Land by local Christian artisan. Various lines of the olive wood are playful around the shape of the wood carved cross as on the back side we observe the fourteen stations of Jesus. Always standing as a reminder and an ideal for you and your loved ones.

Available in three  sizes
8 x 5 Inch
10 X 6 Inch

6X4  Inch
Each Cross Comes with Certificate of Authenticity Card.

Unique Holy Land gift for any special occasion such as Weddings, Anniversaries, Mother's Day, Easter, Christmas and Many more!

Wooden Olive Wood Wall Crucifix Cross, Simple Wooden Cross Made in the Holy Land

    • Handmade

    • Ships from Michigan! Shorter shipping distances are kinder to the planet


    • Materials: olive wood

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